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If you are coming here looking for technical references for, refrigeration, Full Gauge or Nest, there were over 600 pages on the old site and we are currently working to get them back online as soon as possible. since those references were specifically licensed for redistribution through MMI unfortunately we cannot direct you to another site, hang tight and we will be back online soon.

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Matt Mikka Started way back in the year 1996 when the ice caps were still partially intact. Matt was mostly working on cars and building, inventing stuff etc, a few close friends asked him to look at their mechanical equipment in their restaurant. It was a "no brainer" and the company was born, shortly after a ripple effect occurred and the company grew very fast expanding to large industrial and commercial refrigeration in just a few years. In the following years other trade companies were started with MMI as the parent company, Today we mostly produce film and TV and build crazy rigs and movie making equipment, as well as create and License new TV formats and create special effects. we are still heavily involved in aerospace and mechanical design as that is my heart and soul.

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